Paid Search Marketing

Whether you are looking to advertise on Google, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, we are here to create paid marketing campaigns that are highly effective.

Who Else Needs a Paid Search Campaign that brings a continual flow of new business through their Website?

At Sundrenched marketing, we know that leads and sales are the life and blood of your business. With a properly set up and managed paid search campaign you can start bringing in targeted traffic to your website quickly with the ability to ramp up marketing once the campaigns have been tested and are effectively converting to leads.

Get our Strategic Pay Per Click System for Your Business.

Your business is unique, so each of our Paid Search campaigns is uniquely created to cater directly to your business needs and to reach the most targeted visitors at the most effective cost per click or cost per lead.

Creative Keyword Strategy

We start by building out a list of keyword phrases. Not all keywords are created equal and a lot of the keywords that get the most searches have a very high cost per click, but may not have as good a click through rate as other longer keyword phrases. We compare the cost per click and the potential number of searches and start the campaigns with what looks to be the most effective keywords.

Competitor Analysis

we can look at competitor’s ads and placement as well as do some analysis of what keywords they are targeting and ad cost to see if there are additional keywords that we can target to get you targeted traffic.

Creative Ad Creation and Split Testing

After analyzing the competition, we put together ad creatives that focus on what makes your company unique, so you can stand out from the competition.

Targetting Your Audience

We can geographically target your ads based on where you want to target your business. We use best practices of creating separate ads for separate cities, so you can target your ad spend where you are getting the best converstions.

Tracking Conversions

We track web leads and phone calls from your advertising to determine your ROI, then we work to increase your ROI over time, by adapting ads, ad spend and working to make your website convert at a higher rate.

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