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Google Rankings

          Your rank on Google means everything these days and increasing your position on the search results means directly increasing the number of solar leads coming through your website. Studies show that more than half of customers stop looking after the first three results of any given search and getting into that top three will exponentially increase the amount of business your site gets. But it’s not enough to just get there, you want to stay there which a lot of long-term strategies and commitment. Sundrenched Marketing specializes in playing the long game for you and your solar business.

Site Design

How will getting more website clicks mean getting solar leads? A well-designed website should lead clients to calling and filling out contact forms without getting in the way. Button placements, redundant pages, poor site navigation, faulty links, and much more can lead to your site poorly converting visitors to leads. A full site redesign can be a great first step to generating more solar leads. Draw customers into requesting your solar services with a beautiful, well laid out website.  


          Put yourself directly in front of your customer base with Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Appear at the very top of the Google search results by bidding for the solar keywords you want to show up for and pay only when someone clicks on your site! How much are you currently paying per lead as a solar contractor? Chances are it’s more than it needs to be and with Google PPC campaigns you can more closely target a desired Cost Per Lead (CPL) and exactly monitor the cost of your lead generation. But more than just showing up first in the search results, Google Ads PPC Campaigns can include remarketing to past site visitors, and YouTube video marketing to homeowners looking for expert solar contractors in your area.

         With Google and Facebook ads, you can more easily target the specific services you wish to appear for and hand pick other services you’d wish not to spend money on. Want more calls for solar panel installation jobs and fewer repair gigs? Do you specialize in specific hardware, or prefer to focus on commercial solar projects over residential ones? When executed well, all of this and more can be achieved through PPC campaigns.

Content and Social Signals

         Content is king on the internet but handled improperly where and what content you are posting can actually hurt your standing with Google’s search algorithms. As a solar company it’s important have content explaining all your services, talking about the products you use, showing satisfied customer testimonies, and more. As well as onsite content, Google is ever increasing the importance of active social account working alongside your site. Sites like Facebook and Twitter play a larger role in SEO now than ever before, and not taking advantage of them can be hurting the number of solar leads coming through your digital storefront.

What Is Sundrenched Marketing

          Are you looking to get more targeted customers to your website and raising your ROI? Sundrenched Marketing is a Portland based SEO Company, comprised of a team of online marketing experts whose goal is to help you outrank your competition. Our SEO Consultants will work with you to identify where your solar company’s site needs improvement, and the steps that can be taken to boost your ranking in the Google search results. We also work with you in creating paid marketing campaigns and social media management. Fill out the form and our SEO Specialists will show you what your competitors are doing to beat you, and what we can do to start growing your online presence and getting more solar leads through your website today!


Free Consultations

Our priority at Sundrenched Marketing is a healthy working relationship with our clients and helping grow your business. The first FREE step of this process is us creating a video showing you exactly why your site isn’t pulling in customers or why it’s not converting visitors to solid leads. Our Expert SEO Consultants will then sit down with you and work to figure out which of our services your business would benefit from and the kinds of improvements you would see from these SEO services. With a well-designed site, proper on page and off page linking, well executed content, Google and Facebook PPC, and video marketing, you can see your business at the top of the results, and have it stay there too. Call or fill out the form now to see just how cost effective your lead generation could be.

Fill out the form below for a FREE analysis of your website!