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Search engine optimization service is all about showing Google exactly what your website is about, showing Google that people are searching for your business and getting visitors to stay on your website once they click through a search result to your website.

The algorithm for this process continues to get more and more complex all the time. That is where Sundrenched Marketing shines. We have full systems in place to do what it takes for proper white hat SEO to get results.

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Details, Details, Details. Search Engine Optimization is all in the details.

We find that a lot of potential customers have no idea what goes into a good SEO campaign and why it can take time to get great results.  So here is a quick breakdown of what goes into creating a good SEO campaign for your business. 

Keyword Research

First we have to find the best keywords for targeted traffic to your website. While there are usually a handful of keywords that are important for your business.   

We use multiple types of software and Google itself to find multiple keywords that get searches, so you come up for multiple keyword phrases.  Some longer keyword phrases only get a few searches a month, but some of these are extremely targeted toward converting to leads and sales.  In fact 

Competitor Research

With multiple types of software, we look at what your top competitors are doing to rank for the keywords you wish to rank for, which gives us a starting road map to getting your site to rank high on Google. 

On Page Factors

The content that is on your website is part of what helps your website to rank on Google, but it isn’t just the content.  On page factors include image titles, names and descriptions, the names of your pages in the URL structures.  Hidden tags like meta title and description as well as schema markup that tells Google directly what your website is about. 

We make sure your website is set up for success before starting the off page factors that

Backlinking Strategy

Links coming into your website through other authority sites help to give your site a ranking boost. The key is to build links from sites that actually get traffic and that have something in common with your business whether that is geographically specific or industry specific or category specific.

Web 2.0 properties

Sites like,, and are considered web 2.0 properties. It is important to build a presence at these websites that link back to your main website as they have high domain authority and you can continue to post more info on these sites over time as you build your presence there.

Directory Listings

If your business has a local location, then directory listings are a must. These include sites like Google My Business,, Bing Business Listings and There are over 100 directories that we recommend setting up for your business.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all important places to build your online presence.

Infographics and Images

and infographic explains a process in a picture. There are multiple places to post infographics and other images (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) that will help with the backlink structure of your website

Press Releases

Any news about your business we can put on press releases, helps to give a boost to your rankings. New can be as simple as hiring new talent in your company, giving to a charitable organization or telling the world you redesigned your website.

Articles / Additional web content

Google is all about cataloging web content. Generally, the more content you have on your website, the better chance you have of ranking higher. More content also can be used to target other specific keywords on your website.

Video Marketing

Having content on YouTube is a must these days. People love to watch video and it can be a way to get in front of your prospects that personalizes your business. Sharing your video on other sites and getting views and subscribers all plays a roll in ranking in the search engines now as well.

Are You Overwhelmed by the amount of SEO Details yet?

That is where Sundrenched Marketing comes in. We have clean systems in place to take care of all these pieces of the pie as part of your SEO campaign.

We take the guesswork out of search engine optimization and put all the pieces together for a complete search engine optimization package that will build your presence online and start your keywords climbing up the search results.

We also recommend combining your professional SEO service with paid marketing and social media management. We cater to creating a win/win partnership for your business and ours

We make it as easy, fun and painless as we can to get you the results you want in your business, because we know you love what you do in your company and we love what we do in ours!

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